Their needs are our needs


DEI is an engineering and consulting company, focused on the design and manufacture of equipment and industrial goods for the technological sectors.

The company was founded in 2013 by engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the field of special machines.

We offer the synergy of experience, testing and technology to find solutions for leading manufacturers in different sectors. Our experience is our best guarantee and our aim is to offer the best engineering solutions at all times.


The following values stand out as important:

  • We strive for excellence in every project, with the aim of providing the best solutions at all times.
  • We work with passion on each of our projects.
  • Technology as the best partner, we follow the latest technological advances to offer our customers a competitive advantage.


Some of our works

We offer

We join your team to develop your projects.

We add value to your design through the use of new technologies.

We industrialise your projects with the best solutions.

Engineering and Consulting


We use the same tools as our customers and apply new technologies to improve their products and processes.


We analyse each project to find the most appropriate solution in each case.


Our team's experience of more than 20 years allows us to offer solutions adapted to the needs of our clients.

What can we do for you?



We build a project together.